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How Handwriting Can Make You Smarter and More Productive Take a look at how you can reap the benefits of handwriting at work in our infographic below. With science-backed data and practical applications, you'll be increasing your brain power at the office in no time. Writing isn't exactly hard, but at work it often seems much easier and more convenient to type and share electronic documents. Can reading make you smarter? | Books | The Guardian

Business Entreprenuer News, emerging trends, the bleeding edge of Tech, Social Media tips & lists & strategy - The American Genius Writing Smarter Animation Code | CSS-Tricks If you've ever coded an animation that's longer than 10 seconds with dozens or even hundreds of choreographed elements, you know how challenging it can be How to Make Yourself Smarter: 13 Steps (with Pictures… If you're trying to make yourself smarter, you're in good company! Many people are learning ways to increase and improve cognitive functioning. Research is still being developed, but basic strategies to make yourself smarter are easy to. How to Sound Smarter in Your Writing - The Muse

7 Ways Exercise Makes You Smarter Hotter body, smarter cerebrum: Exercise offers a pretty sweet deal. Here are seven ways that working out—whether you like to run, lift weights, or play sports—can help you stay focused, score that promotion, and never lose your keys again.

5 Powerful Ways That Writing Can Make You Smarter (and How to ... How Writing Boosts Your Brainpower. Lifts Your Mood – Writing is a powerful form of expression. Powerful. It encourages a certain mindfulness that helps clear the fog. It allows for the release of pent up emotions – anger, depression, confusion, angst, bitterness – as well as providing a means to come to grips with yourself. Does writing make you smarter? - Quora Writing does not make me smarter as much as it allows me to use whatever smarts I have and communicate it in a way that benefits others. In doing so, however, it may make others think I am smarter. It may be the case that writing marginally helps make us smarter in that it makes certain neurons fire in the brain and that encourages brain development.

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Does Asthma Make You Smarter? - Asthma | HealthCentral So does asthma really make you smarter? I'm not being facecious either by asking this. In fact, the idea that asthma makes you smarter is one of the aformentioned "Seven Benefits of Asthma." Why Reading Comics Makes You Smarter | Geek and Sundry Comics make you smarter, but no one has yet solved the puzzle of how to keep warm when cosplaying as Dr. Manhattan. Cunningham and Stanovich solidly dispel the notion that the language of comics writing is base, low, or gutterspeak. More Reasons Than One Why Curiosity Can Make You Much Smarter More Reasons Than One Why Curiosity Can Make You Much Smarter There's an age-old saying that 'curiosity killed the cat'. We, however, are here to tell you that, in fact, it made the cat smarter!

Bottom line: As long as we are conscious, we are always learning. Culled from cutting-edge research, here are eight things that can make you smarter. (MORE: 85-Year-Old Graduates From College, Finds Job) 1. Situations By this we mean any conditions under which we learn: in the workplace, classroom or a social setting. Situations can be internal ...

The Benefits of Using Your Opposite Hand | Grow Brain Cells This is Your Brain Left Handed. Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grow new ones. It’s similar to how physical exercise improves your body’s functioning and grows muscles. Try using your non-dominant hand to write. Use it to control the computer mouse or television remote. Why Handwriting Makes You Smarter | Reader’s Digest Do you live in the Nicest Place in America? › Parenting Studies Say Handwriting Will Make You (and Your Kids) Smarter. Claire Nowak. Choosing a pen over a keyboard does wonders for your memory.

26 Nov 2018 ... There's so much you can do with English—make yourself understood ... But can it actually make you smarter? ... Be the best writer in the office.

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Also, most writers make sure to read what renowned authors have written ( including classics) and start after that. So, does reading make you smart? One thing is ... Reading Books Makes You Smarter, Richer and Surprisingly Healthier 12 Dec 2016 ... I love blogs. I love them so much that I built an entire online business off of one dinky blog. But there's no blog in the world that can ever ...